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Xperts Pest Control Service (XPCS) keeps your home and family protected from unwanted pests throughout the year. We are Best Residential Pest Control in Hyderabad. Our Pest Specialists take the time to get to know you and your home, so we’re able to provide customized, minimally invasive pest control solutions to help keep pests and the damage they can do far away.

At Xperts Pest Control, we’ll start with a comprehensive, on-site inspection and put our years of experience and scientific solutions to work for you – with an environmentally friendly plan made just for your property

Residential Pest Control Services

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Services we offer:

General Pest Control
Rodent Control
Anti Cockroach
Wood Borer Control
Bed Bugs
Fly Control
Snake Control
Mosquito Control
Honey Bee
Rats and Mice
All Types of Insecticide

Our Process and Procedures for Pest Management

Xperts Pest Control pvt ltd, employs a Four tired approach that provides long-lasting, comprehensive pest management for your home or business. Our approach adopts Integrated Pest Management practices and incorporates three critical activities to keep unwanted pests away :


Identifying pest

We check for unsanitary conditions and structural weak points that can create the ideal environment for pests. Not all insects, weeds & other living organism required control, many organisms are innocuous. Integrated pest management work to monitor for pest and identify them accurately so that appropriate control decisions can be made. In conjunction with action threshold. the monitoring & identification removes the possibility that pesticides will be used when they are not really needed.


As a first time of pest control, Xperts pest control services works to manage garden/indoor space to prevent pest from becoming a threat. These control methods can be very effective and eco friendly in nature.

Threshold Point

We take into account every possible contributing factor that pests might use as leverage to infest your home or business. Before taking any pest control action, we set an action threshold, a point at which pest control activity must be taken.


Basing on the risk factors, less risky pest controls are chosen first including highly targeted chemicals such as pheromones to destruct pest native or mechanical control such as trapping or breeding. If less risky controls are not working than additional pest control methods could be employed such as targeted spraying of pesticides.

Monitor and Service Inspections

Our job continues after initial treatment. We conduct regular inspections of your property to make sure your pest problem is truly solved.

Regular Service Inspections:

Checkups ensure pest activity hasn’t renewed and are designed to catch the reintroduction of pest-friendly conditions before it’s too late.

Documentation Leads to Better Communication

We keep extensive personalized records after each visit for better results. Records include services performed, any noted pest activity, and further recommendations. These records ensure better communication between our teams and you.

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