About Cockroach

Cockroaches have adapted to living with people and need four things to survive:- water, food, shelter and warmth. Cockroaches have been on the earth for 250 million years. These are widely distributed pests that annoying and when abundant are also destructive. These destroy food, damage fabric in bookbinding and other material. They spread diseases as they leave filth when run over the food. Though there are 3,500 species of cockroaches existing in the world only two species are common and occur quiet often. They are German and American Cockroaches.

Our Treatment for eliminating Cockroach

Gel Treatment:

Gel treatment is emerging as a reliable alternative control method that produces maximum efficiency against target insects and minimal impact on human activity.

Spray Treatment:

Here we use a unique formulation, which as got a flushing effect, residual effect for 15 days. This formulation is sprayed on the surface of the infested area which makes the cockroaches come out from their habitats, generally crevices, holes, etc. This formulation has got a knockdown effect that kills the cockroaches that come out instantly.

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