Controlling of Rodents:

A continuous and frustrating pest menace, rats and bandicoots have defied man’s ingenuity for long at home or office or any eating-place. They damage structures, electrical circuits, clothes, books, and papers and contaminate food articles. They are carriers of frightening diseases like typhoid, rat fever, Maurine typhus, leptopsoriasis, rickettsial pox, trichinosis, dysentery, meningitis and the deadly plague

Rat Prevention

We offer advice and tips that you can use to prevent the return of rats to your home or business. It is recommended to remove any food and water sources available to rodents from your home. Keep food in locked containers. Remember to put pet food away. Also, pick up any fallen fruit in your garden. Don’t put the rubbish out at night, rather keep it indoors overnight if possible. We will also inspect your home or business for entry points where you can fit mesh over to prevent rats from getting inside. By proofing your home, it will make it less appealing for rodents to want to enter.

Low Toxic:

The methodology uses the second-generation anticoagulants, which are effective after the very first dose. They eliminate the bait-shy in the rodents, as the rodent does not die immediately unlike in the acute toxic method. The rats affected by the Anti-Coagulants come out into the open and die eliminating the risk of stinking.

Non Toxic:

In this method glue pads, mechanical traps, runway traps, etc are used which makes it completely safe for people as well as pets.

Acute Toxic:

Method is used to control rats in the open spaces outside the buildings. This is used against Norway Rats, which generally stay at Nalas and dustbins. The rats die immediately in minutes due to the Phosphine gas released by our chemical. This is very effective against the Bandicoots. The disadvantage in this method is we cannot eliminate bait shy character in rats; as such bait rotation has to be done very frequently.

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