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First of all, it’s important to understand what attracts flies. There are thousands of species of fly in the world, including house flies, small house flies, blowflies, flesh or latrine flies, fruit flies, and stable flies. Stable flies – usually found where livestock are present – bite whereas many other insects are just nuisance flies. Flies are strongly attracted to light, the food stinks, or other “favorites” and can enter your business through doors and windows and can live in drains, and thrive on trash

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Fly Removal and Prevention:

Our professional fly control and prevention specialists take an integrated pest management approach. While we have techniques and treatments that will eliminate the fly infestation, it doesn’t do much good if you haven’t gotten rid of the reason they showed up in the first place. We know how to get rid of flies so that you can enjoy your home without the concern of removal.

Our Technician will track down the reasons why the flies are in your home. Perhaps there is a garbage dumpster placed too close to the home. There might be an animal that got into your home and died, creating a breeding ground for flesh flies. We’ll find the reason and remove the eggs, adults and breeding areas and seal up access points.

After our review, we will use the Pest Management programme to control the flies, which includes the below process for Adulticides and Larvicides

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We will use the Pest Management program to control the flies, which includes the below process for Adulticides and Larvicides:

1. Adulticides:

Controlling of these include
  • Baits
  • Fly traps
  • Spray on Method
  • Paint on Method
  • Mists

2. Larvicides:

Larviciding is an important component of Xperts Pest Control Services' strategy. Larviciding of manure & other fly breeding sites is accomplished with the same types of equipment used for residual surface sprays. At any one time, only 15% of the fly population exists as adult flies. So reliving on one insecticide to kill just adult flies is an inefficient approach. Insecticides are often needed to achieve the desired degree of fly control.

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Problems due to Flies infestation:

  1. They can be annoying and irritating to workers and patients, with incessant buzzing and flying
  2. Flies can carry pathogens that may cause disease and can help spread foodborne illnesses. According to the World Health Organization, flies are capable of spreading these pathogens because they feed on filthy matter, potentially picking up and transmitting disease-causing organisms along the way when they then make contact with people or their food. This can be problematic for some patients, especially those that may already have compromised immune systems.   The diseases that flies can transmit include enteric infections (such as dysentery, diarrheatyphoidcholera, and certain helminth infections), eye infections (such as trachoma and epidemic conjunctivitis) .    House flies pick up bacteria, fungi, and viruses and then spread these pathogens by contaminating food and water.
  1. Some species of flies can bite.
  1. Drain flies thrive in foodservice and food processing settings. The presence of moist, warm environments, as well as a ready supply of organic waste material, satisfies the requirements for these insects to survive and reproduce.
  2. They can contaminate food and packaging materials.
  3. Because flies may be considered filthy, their presence can call into question your cleanliness and quality of care, potentially harming your healthcare facility’s reputation.
  4. Flies can disrupt your facility’s operations, productivity, and service.

Signs of Flies infestation:

1. Small dark clusters of spots (the size of a pinhead)–

Flies deposit feces wherever they settle. The feces will pile up over time, resembling clusters of black dots. These clusters can be found on windowsills, around sink drains, and around trash cans. Look for clusters in odd locations, such as the top of the refrigerator or on high shelves. Look in light fittings, upper areas of the room, and wall surfaces. Check areas that are difficult to clean thoroughly such as drainage channels, drains, and sub-floor cavities where the contents of broken drains may be accumulating. Gully traps and areas around sinks and below damaged floor tiling should also be monitored.

2. Regular sighting of flies–

The presence of a fly in your home is the most telling warning. Several fly species often invade homes, so it's critical to classify them correctly if you want to effectively eradicate an infestation. Houseflies are grey or black in color, with white markings underneath two bulging eyes. When they aren't flying from room to room, they can be found near windows and lights. Fruit flies are another common intruder in the house. They are tiny flies with red eyes that live near sinks and garbage cans. Check anywhere that water pools including guttering, rainwater butts, tires, or old machinery. Waterlogged pot plants may also attract flies.

3. Finding maggots in Waste

If you find maggots, you have a fly infestation. Female flies seek out damp, dark places to lay their eggs. They would lay them in the garbage, rotting food, and manure. Flies can also lay eggs in leftover food on the counter or feces in the litter box if they invade your home. Maggots will hatch from the eggs and feed on garbage or feces.

Flies Pest Control FAQ's

With overall 20+ years of expertise in pest management, we believe our people, standards, and measures followed by us are the foundation of our business and the key ingredients for our success.
The first pest control service in the country by keeping abreast of the latest developments and use only those chemicals which are approved by WHOPES and EPA.
The diseases that flies can transmit include enteric infections (such as dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, and certain helminth infections), Salmonella eye infections (such as trachoma, and epidemic conjunctivitis. and Tuberculosis.
Commonly found flies in India include House Fly, Drain Fly, Fruit Fly, Flesh Fly, and Blue Bottle Fly.
Even though many off-the-shelf fly repellents are available in the market, it is recommended to use a professional pest control service provider to get a long-term solution for your fly problem.

We at Xperts Pest Control solutions address fly infestation at every stage of the fly life cycle. We offer Two Kinds of Services:
1. Adulticides
2. Larvicides

For more information on our termite treatments, please call at +91 9866990067 or +91 9441027666 or Email us at

All of our Flies infestation treatment is non-toxic and is not harmful to children, pets, or adults. We follow all guidelines that comply with the government rules for the chemical treatment we undergo. For more information on our termite treatments, please call at +91 9866990067 or +91 9441027666 or Email us at

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