About Flies

Flies are not just nuisance. They are a major cause of deceases sufferings & economic herd ships around the world. They are known to be involved in the transmission of more than 65 deceases to humans alone. The housefly is the major pest species & primary target of fly control program.

Fly Removal and Prevention:

Our professional fly control and prevention specialists take an integrated pest management approach. While we have techniques and treatments that will eliminate the fly infestation, it doesn’t do much good if you haven’t gotten rid of the reason they showed up in the first place. We know how to get rid of flies so that you can enjoy your home without the concern of removal.

Our Technician will track down the reasons why the flies are in your home. Perhaps there is a garbage dumpster placed too close to the home. There might be an animal that got into your home and died, creating a breeding ground for flesh flies. We’ll find the reason and remove the eggs, adults and breeding areas and seal up access points.

After our review, we will use the Pest Management programme to control the flies, which includes the below process for Adulticides and Larvicides


Controlling of these include
  • Baits
  • Fly traps
  • Spray on Method
  • Paint on Method
  • Mists


Laviciding is an important component of Xperts Pest Control Services strategy. Larviciding of manure & other fly breeding cides is accomplished with same types of equipment used for residual surface sprays. At any one time only 15% of fly population exists as adult flies. So reliving on one insecticide to kill just adult flies is an inefficient approach. Insecticides are often needed to achieve the desired degree of fly control.

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