About Bees

If you’ve spent anytime outdoors during summer months then you know all about bees. They are yellow and black and the often induce more fear into people than the situation warrants. Bees do sting, and people with allergies can be affected seriously. If a colony of bees sets up a hive around your property, children playing nearby, mowing the lawn or outdoor activities near that hive can be seen as aggression and stings can happen.

Beehives should not be messed with without the right equipment and safety measures. Xperts hav a bee control and removal experts team. We safely remove hives, prevent their return, and use environmentally sound methods that will not interfere with commercial hives and pollinators.

Bee hive treatment is more necessity during spring. At this time, bees commonly “swarm”. Swarming is the process where a queen will leave the nest with Worker Bees and find a new location for their hive. Not only does the process of swarming produce a dangerous area around where the bees are swarming, but the new nest may be in the vicinity of your house or commercial property, or even in the cavity of your walls.

Xperts Pest Control Services Gets Rid of Bees

Our pest control professional has years of experience in finding beehives and removing them safely and effectively. We have the right equipment, training and methods to remove a beehive and then work with you to find ways of preventing further bee infestations. Our approach uses fewer chemicals by stopping further bee problems. We use methods that are environmentally friendly to other bees in the area used by commercial beekeepers and we work to protect pollinators. We always follow federal rules & regulations for bee removal and prevention.

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