Effective Mosquito Control for Your Home

Mosquitoes are all over the world, and there are approximately 3,000 known species. It causes various diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Virus, Zika Virus..etc.

The best way to control mosquitoes is to prevent or minimize mosquito breeding sites. Our Technician will inspect areas in your yard where mosquitoes could be breeding and provide tips on preventing future problems.

Effective Mosquito Control for Your Home

Most effective & environmentally sound pest control programs are based on a combination of four methods.

Mosquito Surveillance
Source Reduction

Mosquito Surveillance:

Mosquito surveillance is a pre requisite to an efficient & environmentally sound mosquito control program. Surveillance is used to define the nature & extent of the mosquito problem & to gauge daily mosquito control operations.

Source Reduction:

Source reduction is also known as physical or permanent control. Source reduction is usually the most effective & economical of the mosquito control techniques available and is accomplished by eliminating mosquito breeding sites or sources. Source reduction is important in Integrated Mosquito Management as it can virtually eliminate the need for pesticide use in and adjacent to the affected habitat.


Larviciding is a general term for killing immature mosquitoes by applying agents collectively called larvicides to control mosquito production. Most mosquito species spent much of their life cycle in the harmful stage. Adult mosquitoes are often inaccessible and are widely distributed. So effective larviciding can reduce the number of mosquitoes available to disperse. The effective control of larvae/pupae is a basic principle of Technical pest management.


Chemical treatment for adult mosquitoes is the most visible form of mosquito control. The process of adulticiding is a stepwise process that often is considered the method of last resort in an Xperts pest control services approach to mosquito control. Appropriate equipment & chemical must be chosen for adulticiding. The chemical must reach the adult mosquitoes using the most appropriate available methods. Space sprays typically used ultra-low volume referred to as cold fogging. The space spray is short-lived & not expected to have a residual effect. For long-term effects, residual spray surface treatments are used which are used to kill or exclude adults from a resting site.

Fogging Operations:

This is done with thermal Foggers that use an oil carrier that is heated to disperse the pesticides in a dense smoke like fog. The best time to kill adult mosquitoes by fogging is at dusk when they are most active and looking for food. The amount of insecticide used to fog for adult mosquitoes are much smaller than that used to spray fruit & vegetable insect pest. The Chemical used for fogging is a synthetic pyrethroid.

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