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The fact is that most of this is myth. Yes, spiders will bite people, but generally speaking it’s the last thing they want to do. A human presents more of a danger to spiders than spiders do to the human. Spiders use their fangs and venom to feed and a spider is just not interested in eating a human. These differ from insects as they have eight legs and six to eight eyes on the head

Still, homeowners come to us for reliable, dependable, spider pest control because people fear spiders or arachnophobia. Plus, webs hanging around your home don’t look very attractive, no matter how many insects the spiders are eating.

Finally, there are spiders that inject venom that could be harmful to humans, such as the bite from black widow spiders. Although seldom fatal, bites from these eight-legged arthropods should be taken seriously and medical attention sought

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Problems due to Spiders Infestation:

1. Severe wounds caused by the tissue-destroying venom of brown spiders and body wide poisoning caused by the nerve-toxic venom of widow spiders can result in serious injuries from spider bites.
2. Wounds suspected of being caused by the brown spider are frequently caused by other, potentially more serious problems.
3. Brown spider bites are treated by cleaning and disinfecting the wound.
4. Widow spider bites are treated by alleviating symptoms and, in some cases, injecting anti-venom.
5. It may take 30 minutes to 2 hours or longer before you feel any effects from a spider bite, so if you know you’ve been bitten, pay attention to symptoms.

Less serious spider bites may have the following signs and symptoms:

1. Pair of tiny punctures wounds
2. nodule, lump, or swelling
3. red welts, rash, or redness
4. blisters
5. pain, itching, or numbness

More serious spider bites may include any or all of the above symptoms, as well as:

6. red or purple ring resembling a target or bull’s eye around the bite
7. muscle cramps, headache
8. sweating, fever, chills
9. difficulty breathing
10. nausea, vomiting
11. anxiety, restlessness
12. swollen lymph nodes
13. high blood pressure
14. salivation
15. unsteady balance, poor coordination
16. visual or hearing disturbances
17. muscle spasms

Signs of Spider infestation:

01. Look for spider webs; the size and shape of spider webs vary depending on the species. Some are funnel-shaped, while others are orb-shaped.

02. Some spiders live in burrows rather than webs, while others are free-roaming and seek shelter in crevices.

03. Some spiders are drawn to moist areas. Examine your basements, walls, sheds, and other wet areas.

04. Other species can be found in places such as attics, the junction of a wall and ceiling, closets and storage boxes.

05. Other species can be found in attics, the junction of a wall and ceiling, closets, and storage boxes, among other places.

06. Spiders feed on other insects and prey on ants, flies, woodlice, and other spiders, so spiders will wait for their next food wherever there is a plentiful supply of other insects.

07. Spider eggs are laid in a silken sac, with approximately 100 eggs in each sac, which can be attached to a surface, hidden in the web, or carried by the female. The presence of the sacs fixed indoors indicates that there will be more spiders around soon.

Spider Removal Manual Guidance

01. Vacuum regularly, high and low especially in sheltered areas such as beneath worktops, behind cupboards, or under/behind large furniture.

02. Remove any visible webs on a regular basis.

03. To discourage spiders entry, fill gaps in walls, around pipes, and under doors.

04. Remove any potential sheltering sites, such as firewood piles, garden bags, compost piles, and general clutter, from your property.

05. Discourage all insects by using lighting that is less appealing to the insects (flies) that spiders feed on.

Get Professional SPIDER Pest Control Help -XPCS

We here in XPCS follow the standard process for controlling the spiders in all areas of your properties. We use the below mentioned two different ways to control SPIDERS from the initial stage.

We are the experts in how to get rid of spiders. We know how to track them down, seeking all of the hiding spaces that spiders like black widows like to use. We utilize the latest methods to remove the spiders and the webs. We have technicians who treat both the inside and outside of your home and remove spiders that have set up shop there. We will check out basements and crawlspaces and can also help by reviewing surrounding buildings. We’ll help make your home look more attractive by removing webs under eaves and around the property.

Spiders are biologically not very receptive to chemical agents and not very cooperative in picking up pesticides. One have to make contact with the insect via direct spray, so effective spider control with pesticide is a contact kill. There are many products in the market that effectively kill spiders indoor and outdoor. For indoor and outdoor spider kill cyfluthrine and Bifenthrin and for trees vegetation and lawns esfenvalerate or lamba cyflothrine is best recommended.

Spider Control FAQ's

With overall 20+ years of expertise in pest management, we believe our people, standards, and measures followed by us are the foundation of our business and the key ingredients for our success.
The first pest control service in the country by keeping abreast of the latest developments and use only those chemicals which are approved by WHOPES and EPA.
Take the following steps to minimize spiders in your home:
• Seal all cracks around windows and doorframes and around light fixtures, vents and ceiling fans.
• Seal all openings around pipes under the sink and behind appliances.
• Place sticky traps designed for cockroaches out of reach from children and pets, near doorways (along walls under and behind furniture and appliances).
• Regularly remove webs and spiders via vacuuming.
For added peace of mind, you can also contact a specialist to evaluate your property for signs of spiders. This is the best way to eliminate spider problems.

In general, venomous spiders will not bite you unless they are threatened or provoked. Most spider bites are not considered dangerous to humans in India. Very few spider bites necessitate immediate medical attention or treatment.
All of our Spider bait is non-toxic and is not harmful to children, pets, or adults. We follow all guidelines that comply with the government rules for the chemical treatment we undergo. For more information on our Aunt treatments, please call at +91 9866990067 or +91 9441027666 or Email us at info@xpertspestcontrol.com
We provide full support to our existing clients and assist our services until our customers are satisfied with the SPIDER infestation problem.
please call at +91 9866990067 or +91 9441027666 or Email us at info@xpertspestcontrol.com

Spiders usually enter homes in two primary ways:

Through open and poorly screened windows or doors.
Through cracks and gaps around door and window frames.
Most of the time, spiders come inside the home looking for food and shelter. The other common method of entry is accidentally hitchhiking inside boxes, on outdoor items and numerous other things that are brought inside your home or business premises.

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