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Warehouses are easy targets for pests. Don’t worry we are here to help you out “Xperts Pest Control” provides  Best Pest Control Services For Factories/Industries in Hyderabad.

Pests are known to spread diseases, make employees sick, turn warehouses into unsafe workplaces,  damage huge volumes of inventory and stop operations for several days and even weeks. This can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Pest control is more challenging in a warehousing environment due to the size of warehouse facilities and their abundant corners, cracks and crannies where pests can hide and multiply.

Functioning without a carefully planned pest control program in place puts the business at several risks with serious implications.

A professional pest control company not only helps you address your pest problems after they arise but also helps you in preventing many of them.

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Why Warehouses need Regular Pest Control

Warehouses need regular pest control to ensure pests don’t affect the smooth functioning of your supply chain. Warehouses that store food, pharmaceuticals, dry goods and beverages are particularly at a higher risk.
The adage “prevention is better than cure” stands true in the context of pest control for warehouses.
One of the biggest business risks of not having a professional pest control programme in place is the damage pests like rodents can cause to machines or equipment and the loss of productivity until they are restored. Goods affected or contaminated by pests could lead to consumer complaints, stock rejections and even stock recalls.

Common Pests in Warehouses

Rodents, cockroaches, bugs and birds are the most common pests you can find in warehouses. Beetles, weevils, moths, and bats are other common pests.
Rodents can be carriers of dangerous diseases like salmonella, Weil’s disease and hantavirus while cockroaches carry diseases and disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Birds pose a serious health and safety concern. They can compromise air quality, damage equipment and contaminate products and make an unsightly mess.
The presence of any of these pests poses serious health hazards especially if your warehouse is used to store food products. As the health hazard to end-consumers is enormous, it may lead to legal action, penalties or closure of the facility.

Our Pest control services for warehousing facilities

We are a leading pest control company and know what it takes to protect your warehousing facilities, reputation and brand against wide-ranging pests. We serve several sectors and have over years of experience in providing professional pest control services for warehousing facilities.

Why choose us?

We strictly follow industry standards and regulations to keep your facility fully compliant
We assess your facilities and the risks from pests in detail to provide complete protection
You will get unique tailor-made services by our expert technicians
You will get efficient service delivery through latest equipment and technology
Our highly trained, certified and experienced service technicians will take care of your integrated pest control, sanitization and disinfection needs
You will get detailed and regulatory-compliant documentation for the activity performed and used methods of application
Our technicians are regularly trained to stay updated and serve you with the advanced techniques
We provide 24/7 support throughout the year with a dedicated quick response time

Looking for a professional pest control service provider to protect your warehousing facility? We Xperts Pest Control can help you. We have been serving several warehousing facilities as their pest control services For Factories/Industries  provider and protecting their facilities with our customized services.

Talk to us today for a free consultation. We are just a call away.

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